I have added a lot of new Sections to the Website. It comes with a longer and more detailed description and more infos.

I have also added downloadlinks for all the subtitles. Everyone can now download and edit the files!

If you want to know more about Cecilia Malmströms plans, I have added a couple of Links to Articles and Comments with more Background info into the new link section.

Check for the new site!


more Cleanternet…

It seems like my latest film “Cleanternet” is really starting to make the rounds.

What surprised me is that it actually is a lot more popular in the USA then it is in Europe, but I am not complaining!

Here are some links that show that people discuss it and think about the topic (my intention in creating the video) all over the world:






Well google can show you a lot more of course.

I have been getting more and more subtitles for all sorts of languages. Sometimes even more then 2 or 3 versions for each language. I am not able to understand most of them so I will probably add a little section for this on where people can download them to make their own and maybe even vote.

Cleanternet in different languages

Via Twitter I just found out that some people are working on a german translation for my new video.

Unfortunately this is not really neccessary as the original text is in german. That’s also why there’s a “Translator” in the Credits: Roger Evans. He helped me to turn my german script into a great english version.

If  I will get enough donations I will also be able to pay voice-actors in different languages. If you want to support me and the film you can find a “Donate Button” on
In the meantime someone sent me subtitles in English, Spanish and Italian! I have added them to the YouTube Video. Thanks to Clodo for the work!
-> The Video is now also available to be liked and watched on vimeo!