Updates and Exodus

I have updated my website with some of the awards that I won with my videos.

Exodus was screening in London during the onedotzero Adventures in Motion Festival. It was a great festival – the overall quality of the screened work was amazing and I am proud that they selected Exodus for their “Robota” program.

I am also stunned that Exodus is part of the Siggraph Conference Asia in December: http://www.siggraph.org/asia2010/

As I wont be able to participate in Seoul, I hope they will show the reel during the FMX in Stuttgart next year again so I can catch a glimpse.

I am still busy with the Exodus “making of” – it’s 90% done and I am sure I will release it before the end of this year.

I am also planning to release a very small edition of handmade Exodus-DVDs which will contain a couple of surprises and extras. Would anyone be interested in that?


7 thoughts on “Updates and Exodus

  1. I’m very interested of a Exodus-DVD. I really like Noisia and your video is such amazing!!!
    I’m interested into a 1080p version to, which I can view on my FullHD TV ;-).

    Keep on with such good work!

    Best regards from Hassia,

  2. i don’t own a bluray player, but dvd playable on a dvd player + a bonus 1080p file would be awesome:) please inform me of any progress on that topic:)

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