New Video released: Endangered Species from outer Space: Humans!

I have directed an ad for together with Scholz&Volkmer.
The Film can finally be viewed online.

My aim was to get away from the usual “stop destroying nature” “we are polluting our own planet” phrases and come up with something that creates a fresh perspective. So I made a TV show for an Alien channel that explains the “humans” and their political system.

“We urgently need a balancing representation of “the long view” in our political institutions.
This is why we promote Ombudspersons for Future Generations on all governance levels.”

Video: Alexander Lehmann
Voice: Phil Bonney
music: iambic

thanks to: Isabel Prahl

Background: The aim was to create a provoking ad that explains todays problems but also tries to show a possible solution through the ombudsperson.
I worked on the script with the client and the agency for about a month. After recording the voice of Phil Bonnet I started to create the film itself. The Film had to be finished in around 10 days which includes creating all the assets/animation/fx/editing etc.
I used 3dsmax for the animation.

You can also watch it here:

and you can see some high res screens on my new flickr channel.