Exodus DVD now for sale!

You can now finally order the limited Edition Exodus DVD Package.

It contains 2 DVD’s. 3 High Quality printed Stills and as a free gift: the Booklet “A fine Selection of the smartest and brightest comments and conversations concerning “Exodus”.

On the DVD’s you will find:

Exodus Original Video
Exodus instrumental Video
Exodus Animatic (unreleased!)
Exodus trailer
Exodus Making of
Concussion Musicvideo (unreleased!)

The Second DVD is a Data-Disc that contains all of the above Videos as high Quality mp4 files ( some as Half HD (720p) some Full HD (1080p)).
The Video-DVD is Region/DRM Free. Watch it anywhere anytime.

If you want to order your copy now just send me an email.

I haven’t mentioned here on my blog yet. But I have released the Exodus ‘making of’ a couple of weeks ago. You can watch it on youtube or on vimeo.

I have been contacted by a lot of people who wanted to redo the sound fx and music for exodus. This is the first great sound interpreation of the video made by melanie eng. It’s really interesting to see exodus feels with soundfx and background music since it was actually animated and cut for a 4/4 beat.

I will post another Soundinterpreation in a couple of days. Stay tuned.