So here’s what happened in the last months crammed into one quick blogpost. 🙂

I made some Animation for Excision (https://www.excision.ca) which you can catch a glimpse of in my latest demoreel


I worked on a _lot_ of motion graphics that explain topics like “BigData” or “MOOCs” – going to post these if I get the time to write proper english subtitles.

For an (almost) photoreal change I worked on the intro of a documentary about a well known chinese Army.
You can watch the making of Qin here:

For one of the worlds biggest Demoscene events I made a musicvideo about a little parasite. The amazing 🙂

A couple of (german) motion graphics jobs later I started working on my first serious realtime animation. Another demoscene Project. A collaboration with and their own amazing animation software called “Tooll”.

Out came the most stylish and highest quality musicvideo of all time: Eternal Dream of Beauty!

Surprisingly is got us the second prize on the NVscene Demoparty.
You can also download the full Animation as a little exe and let it render in realtime on your own graphics card (if it supports DirectX 11).

If you want a better overview, visit https://www.alexanderlehmann.net


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