First half of 2015 :)

‘Haven’t been blogging for a while but have been quite busy working on new projects. 🙂

The most recent one was another realtime Animation with “tooll“. This time with a completely different style of music. I had to make some last minute changes which didn’t really improve anything, so I will most probably release an updated version soon. The lovely music is by gloom. And as always, you can download it and run it in realtime on your hardware.


In June I collaborated once more with the “Zentrum für politische Schönheit“. I designed a graveyard in the middle of the government district in berlin:

Before that I made a little animation that explains the european / german debate about “net neutrality”. English version is coming soon:

Earlier this year I released another demo at the Nvidia gtc / nvscene demoscene event. “coronoid” was an experiement about music and visuals. “JCO” who did all the sounds and music wrote a really cool blogpost about the whole workflow: The Sound of “Coronoid”

Don’t forget to download and watch it in 4k, 8k or even in 12k 😉

Then I tried visualizing the “wealth inequality”-statistics that you might have seen in one form or another. A very minimalistic approach:


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