Net Neutrality Kills

Last year I also made another video about net neutrality.

It’s already  the third video regarding this topic. Unfortunately I have to say. The first one is a video that explains the possible future with and without net neutrality: “Netzneutralität // Uebermorgen.TV 12. I contributed a couple of minutes of animation to this one.

The second one is Telekom – Netz der Zukunft / Drosselkom / Netzneutralität. Which explains net neutrality from the perspective of germanys biggest ISP: Deutsche Telekom. It got rather popular in germany.

After this approach I wanted to make a more neutral video that mostly explains all the bullshit statements that Günther Oettinger and a lot of other lobbyists are trying to spread. So “Net neutrality kills” was born.

It’s available with an english narrator: Net neutrality kills – but also with a german narrator: Netzneutralität tötet.

Visually it looks rather different than most of my other videos. That’s because I tried a completely different style this time. I had to work on this while I was traveling so it’s all rendered with a good old “scanline” renderer. I added the smooth drop shadows in my editing program. So I could render this on my 4 year or laptop within a couple of hours.


Die Brücke | The Bridge | Le pont | جسر

Since the last update I worked on quite a lot of animations and films.

After the “Flüchtlingsdenkmal” (Monument for Refugees) I worked on another animation for the “Zentrum für politische Schönheit”. This time I designed a prototype for a floating platform. The other Part of the Video is classic archviz of a bridge spanning over the mediterranean sea.

Both concepts are supposed to save the lives of the thousands of humans that are still drowning in the sea today. The Video is called Die Brücke | The Bridge | Le pont “.

The Site of the project can be found here: Die Jean-Monnet-Brücke

And here is the same Video on another youtube channel: politcal beauty

For more videos: Take a look at my website: