Net Neutrality Kills

Last year I also made another video about net neutrality.

It’s already  the third video regarding this topic. Unfortunately I have to say. The first one is a video that explains the possible future with and without net neutrality: “Netzneutralität // Uebermorgen.TV 12. I contributed a couple of minutes of animation to this one.

The second one is Telekom – Netz der Zukunft / Drosselkom / Netzneutralität. Which explains net neutrality from the perspective of germanys biggest ISP: Deutsche Telekom. It got rather popular in germany.

After this approach I wanted to make a more neutral video that mostly explains all the bullshit statements that Günther Oettinger and a lot of other lobbyists are trying to spread. So “Net neutrality kills” was born.

It’s available with an english narrator: Net neutrality kills – but also with a german narrator: Netzneutralität tötet.

Visually it looks rather different than most of my other videos. That’s because I tried a completely different style this time. I had to work on this while I was traveling so it’s all rendered with a good old “scanline” renderer. I added the smooth drop shadows in my editing program. So I could render this on my 4 year or laptop within a couple of hours.


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