Eating refugees / The Joachim 1


My latest contribution to the project “Eating refugees” (Flüchtlinge Fressen) is a film that shows a customized Airplane I designed with The Center for Political Beauty.

The sequences I made can be seen here, or embedded in the longer trailer for the campaign.

We fund the plane of the Air Mission of the German civil society via crowdfunding. The aircraft Joachim 1 is already waiting at a German airport for its historical mission on the 28th of June 2016, which is made possible by you. You can even join the flight.

The campaign and it’s images could even be seen in the House of German Parliament.


I also recommend watching the speech of the first refugee that wanted to volunteer for being eaten by the tigers.

The crowdfunding for this project could more than 80k €.

But airberlin, the airline that was chartered to safely fly refugees to germany, cancelled the contract. Which is even worse if you know that airberlin is an airline that makes money with the deportation of refugees.

If you want to know more about the campaign and politicalbeauty – visit:



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