Still – Coronoid wins awards! \o/

My realtime animation “Still – Coronoid” recently won several awards.

It was nominated for 3 meteoriks awards. One for best Art Direction, for best Soundtrack and for best High End Demo. And amazingly it could win two of those! Best High End Demo and best Soundtrack!

It also became the best “Best PC Demo” of 2015 on Where it also came in second for best demo design and first for best demo effects and first for best demo soundtrack!

So a HUGE “Thank You!” to everyone involved!
It always feels great if hard work is honoured in such a fulfilling way!

If you haven’t seen Coronoid: You can watch it on my youtube channel or the capture by Annikras. If you’d like to know more about the soundtrack and the way I worked together with JCO you can read the excellent “The Sound of Coronoid” on

But of course, you should download the real thing on and run it yourself.
Then you might also notice that the colors of the scattered sphere from 0:40 to 1:30 change depending on when you watch it. Every Combination of Hour, Day, Month and Year results in a unique color scheme. 🙂







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