Still – through the cracks

This was actually released at the 2016 revision demo party in Saarbrücken. It won the third place in the pc demo compo.

The whole thing only consists of black and white geometry. No textures were used. And because of all the fine details in the shapes and the good old moiré patterns this demo is pretty much unwatchable in any compressed video format. And many have tried uploading it to youtube: 1 2 3 4 5 . The media Team of the CCC even asked me if they could get an uncompressed image sequence for testing/benchmarking videocodecs.

So if you really want to see it the way it was intended – you should download the executable (direct link) and run it on your own computer. I haven’t tested it recently but this should even run on the internal GPUs of many recent Intel Processors.

It was made in “tooll2” which was recently released as an open source software. If you’d like to try it: Here is a website and a forum dedicated to tooll2.




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