Trailer für Webcomic:

Ich habe den Trailer zu einem echt gelungenen Webcomic produziert und animiert. Ninette.Berlin handelt von einem jungen Mädchen das in die Magersucht fällt. Jede Woche erscheint eine der 11 Folgen auf Ninette.Berlin

Trailer auf YouTube / Vimeo

English: I have animated and produced a trailer for an interactive webcomic called “”. It’s about a young girl which becomes anorexic. Unfortunately the comic is only available in german at this time. The Comic is also available in english:


Still – smaze™

Together with my fellow demosceners from Still, I made a new very short project called “smaze“. We only had a couple of days to finish it before the PC-Demo Deadline at the Evoke Demo Party. So don’t expect too much! 🙂

As always. You can download and run it in realtime on your computer if you use the “download” link on the page (on the right – just above the “youtube”-link.)

You can also watch this on pixturs youtube channel, TheDemoTube and my Vimeo Channel.